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Campus Living

Campus Living

Just about every day of the year, you’ll find good reasons to experience campus that feels like home. You can join one (or more!) of more than 50 student organizations, or take in lectures, comedians, parties, concerts and events planned by the Activities Programming Board.

For the students who form the Saint Vincent community, the Robert S. Carey Student Center serves as a place to catch up with friends, work out, pray, and unwind. The center includes a fitness center, swimming pool, student lounge, bookstore, grab-and-go eatery, gym, performing arts center, art gallery, and our student chapel as well as a nondenominational prayer room.

Saint Vincent College offers 25 varsity sports and more than a dozen club and intramural sports.

Get to know the Laurel Highlands that surround the campus: Paddle a canoe, hike a mountain or go cross-country skiing. You can do all this and more through the College’s Highlanders Outdoor Explorers Program, which takes advantage of the many opportunities for adventure right in our backyard of the Laurel Highlands.

Community service is an important part of life here: About two-thirds of Saint Vincent students volunteer. Help spruce up campus, mentor inner-city kids or comfort AIDS patients in Brazil. Whatever you do, chances are you’ll be getting more out of it than you give.

Residence Halls

  • Saint Benedict Hall

    Saint Benedict Hall organizes its rooms into 21 pods. Here, our first-year students get to know each other and form the communal bonds that will stay with them throughout college. Most bathrooms are communal, though some private bathrooms are available.

  • Bonaventure Hall and Gerard Hall

    Bonaventure Hall and Gerard Hall are open to seniors, juniors, and sophomores with men and women living on different floors. While most rooms are designed for double occupancy, some floors do have Premium Single rooms available as well. Both halls have laundry rooms, lounges on each floor, study rooms, and common lobbies with amenities.

    The varege double-room size in Bonaventure and Gerald Hall is 11'8" wide by 16'8" deep. Rooms in both halls are organized in a block community foundation of about 12 rooms each to continue strengthening the bonds our students have developed on campus. 


  • Wimmer Hall

    Home to more than 150 students when every room is occupied, Wimmer Hall offers primarily single occupancy rooms with men and women living on different floors. The average single room size is 8’4” wide by 15’2” deep, and some 15' by 13' double rooms are also available. Students can use the laundry rooms, lounges on each floor, study rooms, and common lobbies with amenities at their leisure.

  • Rooney Hall

    Rooney Hall features both suites and apartments that are double and quadruple occupancy, respectively. Bathrooms are shared by occupants, and there is central air conditioning. The 15 quadruple-occupancy appartments offer a common living space and kitchenette in addition to the bedroom spaces.

  • Aurelius Hall

    The fourth, fifth, and sixth floor of Aurelius Hall is residential space, with two-bedroom rooms that share a living space. Bathrooms are communal, and there is central air conditioning.

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